Lend Lease Engineering


Kingsford Smith Drive, Brisbane


$650M (total)

In partnership with Utility Mapping and Land Surveys, Patriot Environmental, were engaged to conduct a full Quality Level-B (AS5488 QL-B) 3D utility survey, along a 4.2km section of road from the ICB (Inner City Bypass) to Theodore Street including side streets. The survey results were delivered in a 12D model where each pit, pipe and conduit was modelled to its specific size and shape. In addition, 2,000 potholes have been completed to AS5488 QL-A across the site to obtain further information such as type, size, RL, configuration and material via a 3D cross section pothole report. Each QL-A survey point was updated in the 12Da model.

A full-time CAD and Data Manager from Utility Mapping worked in the Lend Lease and Design Joint Venture office, to act as a conduit between the site survey teams and design team. This ensured the data was managed from site to design and the model was updated from QL-B to QL-A as additional information came from site. A full detailed investigation of the storm water and sewer manhole systems were undertaken to obtain a high level of accurate information for the hydraulic design of new infrastructure to join the existing drainage networks. In total 450 manholes were surveyed with detailed manhole cards which included; the chamber and shaft size, pipe sizes, material, invert levels to each connection, cover levels and chamber photos.

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