Patriot Environmental is proud to introduce its brand-new addition to the Victorian fleet. The recycler, manufactured by J. Hvidtved Larsen, utilises the most advanced water recycling technology available.

What is it?

The J. Hvidtved Larsen RECycler® is the peak of water recycling technology. Based on a Scania chassis, it’s high quality componentry allows for reliable, precise operations and a long service life. The unit is composed of a 12,000L containment tank, coupled with a high-pressure pump (Capable of 333L/min @170 bar), vacuum unit 51.667L/min) and state of the art JHL continuous water recycling system.

Why is it good?

The RECycler® is 60% more efficient than traditional combination units, due to its new and innovative moveable partition technology, enabling dynamic and continuous separation of water and waste fluids. The moveable partition and continuous recycling system makes the RECycler® the most efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly recycling unit on the market. This enables Patriot Environmental Management to complete the job, effectively and efficiently as well as with minimal environmental impact, the perfect unit for the job!

 How it will benefit you

The addition of this new recycler to our fleet increases our diversity and capabilities in the Victorian CCTV Drain Cleaning market. It will allow us to complete tasks at a faster rate, and to a higher degree of quality.

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